Office Environments Helps Keep Library Eco-Friendly

22The newly renovated Washington County library, now known as the Alice Virginia and David W. Fletcher Branch, opened to the public earlier this month.  Office Environments has been selected to provide cleaning services for the 84,000 square foot facility located in downtown Hagerstown, MD.

“We’re honored to be working with the Washington County library, which is such an important piece of downtown Hagerstown and the local community,” said Mark Montoya, owner of Office Environments.  “In addition to regular cleaning services, we also provide eco-friendly cleaning products by Rochester Midland for daily cleaning.”

Office Environments relies on Rochester Midland, a leading provider of eco-friendly cleaning products, for their commercial cleaning needs.  “The Rochester Midland products work great and are much safer and gentler,” Montoya explained.  “With so many people going through the building, especially children, we commend the library for taking a proactive approach to responsible, eco-friendly cleaning.”

Take a look at some photos from the new Washington County Free Library, and be sure to check it out in person!

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