5 Ways to Save on Office Supplies for Your Business

Businesses spend billions of dollars per year on office supplies.  Many employees take this for granted when requesting (or taking) extras for their desk.  Supplies can add up very quickly and result in wasted resources.  By doing a little homework and following a few simple tips, you can regain control of your office supply spending.

  • Take an inventory and determine what supplies are needed.  Go through your storage closets and desks to see what office supplies you already have.  No sense buying another carton of paper if someone is just using one as a footrest under their desk!
  • What you want vs. what you need.  There is a big difference between “want” and “need.”  Sure, it would be cool to have the Super Stapler 5000 XL for $44.99, but is it really necessary to accomplish your job?  Chances are the $8.00 stapler would work just as well.  Many generic products work just as well and cost less than their brand name counterparts.
  • Talk to your supplier.  If you order in bulk and/or frequently, talk with your supplier.  You may be able to negotiate prices, price matching or free shipping/delivery.  Focus on your list of “must haves” and don’t get lured into purchasing other office supplies you don’t really need.
  • Shop online, if possible.  In addition to being super convenient (you can shop online at 4 am if that’s your thing!), online shopping has many other benefits.  With no end caps or check out lines, online shopping curtails the number of impulse purchases.  It can save you time as well – driving and shopping/browsing time – since most people get online, buy what they need, and log out.  Depending on where you shop, other benefits can include:  online coupons, free or reduced shipping, automatic delivery, and prior order tracking.
  • Keep tabs on spending.  You don’t have to be the office supply police, but keeping an eye on your stock can help reduce waste.  Identify unnecessary expenditures, like bulk purchases that don’t really save you money over time.  Finally, set a budget and stick to it!

With time and discipline, you will become more cognizant of your office supply spending and reduce your overhead.  Every bit counts, right?

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