5 Ways to Save on Office Furniture

Whether you’re replacing workspace pieces or completely furnishing a new office, selecting office furniture may seem like an overwhelming (and pricey) task. Shopping around for the best deal is always advisable, and we’ve compiled a few other tips to help you save on office furniture:

  • Choose quality pieces.   Sturdy office furniture, specifically desks and chairs, are important since they’re used virtually every day.  Higher quality pieces will not only look better in your workspace, but will also longer.
  • Not all used furniture is ready to be thrown away.  Check out second hand stores, yard sales, and other shops or business that may sell used office furniture.  Also look in the newspaper for used furniture ads. These are great ways to save money, as price is often negotiable.
  • If you want new, check out the clearance section.  Office stores generally have a clearance section for furniture that has been damaged or is missing parts.  The plus side is that these items will be discounted, so depending on where the scratch or dent is, it may be perfectly functional for your needs. 
  • Wait for the sales.  There are “blowout” sales around every major holiday, end-of-the-season clearances, and going-out-of-business sales.  If you can hold off until one of these sales, you will likely shave a good portion off the price.
  • Plan ahead. Think about what would be functional in your workspace and what is truly necessary, then set a budget.  If possible, allow employees to provide input on how they’d like their space to be furnished so they feel invested.

If you’re in the market for office furniture, please take a look through our online store, with over 50,000 items, including new and gently used office furniture.  You can order online or by requesting a print catalog.   Give us a call at (240) 520-9030 with any questions about office furniture or other products.