5 Ways to Save on Commercial Cleaning for Your Business

The cleanliness of your office will most definitely make an impression on your customers, vendors, and other visitors.  Relying on employees to keep the floors swept and the meeting room tables clean may not be the best plan.  After all, you want your employees to be, well, working.  Though some business owners are hesitant to hire a professional cleaning service, the benefits are many and a few simple tips can help keep the services budget-friendly.

  • Keep your expectations realistic.  If you ask your cleaning service to deep clean the office every week, it’s going to cost more money.  Plain and simple.  If that does not fit your budget, determine which tasks should be completed and how often they should be performed – daily, weekly, monthly, or as needed.
  • Have a written contract with your cleaning service.  It’s easier to manage expectations when they’re in writing.  Specify which services should be completed and how often.  Don’t use services just because they’re offered.  For example, if your carpets don’t get terribly dirty, have the steam cleaned every six months instead of once a month.  Whatever the task, a clear-cut plan will help the cleaning service work more efficiently.
  • Ask employees to pick up after themselves.  This may see like a no brainer, but people can get lazy if they know someone will come in and clean up their mess.  Post company policies around the office, such as wash your own dirty dishes, refill the hand soap bottle or paper towel dispenser if you empty it, and keep your desk tidy.  Asking employees to pitch in a little will allow your cleaning service to focus on the big picture and make the best use of their time.
  • Use cleaning services outside of your business hours.  Most cleaning services have evening and even weekend hours.  This allows them to focus on their job while not interrupting yours.  For those concerned with having non-employees in the office after business hours, make sure your employees are filing important/confidential information in a secure place.  You could install a monitoring system, if you feel it’s necessary, though reputable cleaning services will be licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection should theft or damage occur.
  • Talk with your cleaning service representatives.  Keep the lines of communication open with your cleaning service providers.  Ask questions, discuss the various services, and modify your cleaning plan if needed.  True professionals are flexible and can provide suggestions and solutions to help your bottom line.  Remember, they want you to be happy to help their bottom line through continued service and referrals.

The common theme in saving money on your cleaning service is to use their time wisely.  If you and your employees each contribute a little to the overall cleanliness of the office, the cleaning services’ time can be spent on the larger tasks.  In the end, everyone will be happier with a fresh, clean working environment.

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