Ways to Save on Computer Hardware & Accessories

As a business owner, you understand the cost of computers and keeping up with the latest technology.  Servicing the Chambersburg, PA region, Office Environments has a few tips to help you save money on computers, hardware and accessories, such as keyboards, networking cables, and cleaners.

  • Evaluate your needs.  What type of computers would work best for your staff – desktop, netbook, or laptop?  Mac or PC?  How much RAM do you need?  What about a graphics card?  Determining how the computer will be used and which type would yield the most effective results will allow you to research and plan your purchase.
  • Comparison shop.  As with most products, shop around to ensure you are receiving the best price.  Ask other business owners what computers and equipment they recommend.  Perform a cost analysis to determine whether it’s more economical for you to buy new, buy refurbished, or lease.
  • Choose energy efficient computers.  Not only can you generally receive tax credits and discounts when you purchase energy efficient computers, you will also save on your annual energy costs and help the environment by reducing greenhouse gases and saving energy.
  • Take care.  Taking some minor precautions can help your equipment last longer and prevent the need for replacing it.  Clean your mouse, keyboard, monitor, CPU and modem regularly.  Keeping them free of dust and debris can help lengthen the lifespan.  Also, be sure to protect them by keeping them away from edges and closing laptop lids when not in use.

For pricing on computer hardware and accessories for your business, contact Office Environments or visit our online store.