Our Favorite Office Cleaning Tools

Office Environments provides professional cleaning services to many businesses and organizations in the region, including medical facilities, childcare centers, schools, and recreation centers. Did you know that we also have an online store with cleaning tools and supplies? To provide a sampling of what we offer, we asked our staff to share their favorite cleaning tools:

  • The Rubbermaid bucket and wringer is a really useful item when I’m cleaning a large space. It rolls right along with me, so I don’t have to lift and move a heavy bucket.
  • Dusters are a very handy cleaning tool, whether I’m cleaning an office or cleaning my own home!
  • Depending on the type of cleaning you’re doing, scouring pads can be helpful to get the job done. Heavy-duty jobs may require steel wool, while others would benefit from a non-scratch pad. Always read the label before using a scouring pad to make sure you’re not going to damage your surface.
  • A commercial grade vacuum is designed to clean heavily used carpets, so it works well for our purposes. I’d recommend that businesses keep a hand-vac onsite for quick cleanups (like when you empty the paper shredder … no matter how careful you are, those little bits of paper always end up on the floor!)

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