5 Tips for an Ergonomic Workspace

Those who spend most of the day at a desk understand the issues that can arise from sitting. Creating an ergonomic workspace can help prevent muscle and joint pain, eyestrain, headaches, and other physical issues. Here are some tips from Office Environments to ensure your workspace is comfortable:

  • Posture is important. To find your natural posture, place your feet on the floor in front of you, relax your arms and shoulders, and straighten your back. Create your workspace based on this posture and strive to maintain your natural posture throughout the day.
  • Proper placement. Find a keyboard position that allows your arms to sit at or below a 90-degree angle. The keyboard should be tilted down and away from you to reduce strain on your arms and hands. An ergonomic keyboard and mouse help keep your wrists in a neutral position.
  • Adjust your chair. Since it supports your overall posture, the chair is a key component of an ergonomic workspace. You’ll want to find one with good lumbar support, a comfortable cushion, arm rests, adjustable height, and swivel and rolling capabilities. Your feet should rest on the floor with your thighs slightly below your hips. Shorter people may need to use a footrest to reduce strain on their hips and legs.
  • Remember your eyes. Your eyes can be affected by poor monitor position. The general rule of thumb is for the monitor to be an arms length from where you’re sitting. You should also adjust the screen to minimize glare and look away from the screen for a few minutes each hour.
  • Get moving. Don’t be chained to your desk for the entire workday. Stand up, take a quick walk around the office, or do some simple stretches. If needed, set a “move” reminder on your phone or computer.

By incorporating the appropriate furniture, tools, and posture, you can reduce the likelihood of physical problems that result from your workspace. To see what ergonomic workspace furniture and products Office Environments offers, request one of our catalogs, visit our online store, or contact us. We can also help with furniture layout to help make sure your workspace is not only comfortable, but efficient as well.